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May 26, 2008

Dead detainee's family, friends protest outside jail

malaysiatoday - Some 100 friends and family members of C. Uthayachandran, a Sungai Buloh Prison detainee who was killed in a fight recently, demonstrated outside the prison yesterday. The victim's father, M. Chandran, and other demonstrators had gathered outside the prison as early as 9am.

They voiced their dissatisfaction over the Prison Department's alleged negligence by submitting a memorandum.

Kapar Member of Parliament S. Manikavasagam was on hand to receive the memorandum in the presence of prison director Narander Singh.

Manikavasagam said the demonstration was organised so that the family could hand over the memorandum.
On May 18, 23-year-old Uthayachandran, who was in prison pending trial for a drug case next month, was killed in a fight that broke out among several inmates.

Speaking outside the prison, Manikavasagam said no proper explanation had been given to Uthayachandran's family.

He said the family had been told that the fight had not been recorded by the closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) inside the prison.

"What's the point of having CCTV if it does not serve its purpose?

"The prison is supposed to be a safe place but that's not so in Uthayachandran's case." ... selanjutnya.


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