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Jul 16, 2008

Pasal Ani Arope .....

berkaitan dengan isu DEBAT ANWAR - SHABERY ... tentang pemberhentian Ani Arope dari IPP TNB .....

IPPs: Will Ani Arope talk?
jeffoii | ... StarBiz says the IPPs will 'speak with one voice', but I say they will 'gang up' to negotiate against TNB and the government, though the latter own equity in some of the IPPs through intricate share structures.

According to StarBiz, negotiations between TNB and the IPPs for supplementary agreements on their present power purchase agreements (PPAs) have yet to begin, the IPPs are already lobbying to extend their 21- or 25-year concessions to unidentified number of years.

In other words, the IPPs, especially the First Generation IPPs, will find ways to offset their net income. And we are talking about IPPs that have an average of 9 years left in their PPAs, and that would have recovered their investment -- using low-interest loans from EPF etc -- during the first seven years of operation. (Read my earlier blog entries for the maths.)

I hope one day, the good old Dr Ani Arope, the former chairman and chief executive of TNB who was said to have resisted signing up the IPPs but was unceremoniously removed after a major multi-states blackout in the early 1990s, will come out and sing.... selanjutnya.


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