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Jul 16, 2008

Anwar arrest triggers call for street protest

Anwar Ibrahim speaks to the media shortly before being arrested. He had been about to go to Kuala Lumpur police headquarters for questioning over sexual assault allegations.

theedge | ...His wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, said Mr Anwar phoned her after being arrested. "I feel apprehensive because my husband … is not that well … And (during) the brief conversation he said they (police) were not gentle."

The vice-president of Mr Anwar's People's Justice Party, Syed Husin Ali, said he feared police were trying to obtain information in the interrogation session that they could use to doctor the allegations against him. "I would say police don't have enough evidence so they are trying to force more evidence from Anwar," he said.

The party issued a call for its supporters to rally outside the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters. The mood there was tense, with up to 100 armed officers watching over about 600 protesters.

The sodomy allegation threatens to derail a stunning comeback by Mr Anwar, who has said he is poised to seize power from Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with the help of Government defectors.

Mr Anwar has dismissed the accusations as a conspiracy to prevent him from taking power and a rerun of events a decade ago, when he was sacked as deputy prime minister and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges.... selanjutnya.


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