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Jul 16, 2008

Anwar gets bloggers' vote

Malaysiatoday | INTENSE public discussion ensued on Internet websites and blogs immediately following the Anwar-Shabery 'live' TV debate last night.

While mainstream media reports suggested that there were no clear winners, comments on blogs showed the vast majority felt that Anwar's arguments sounded more convincing.

Shabery's criticism of Anwar's protests during the 1970s and his earlier role in government did not go down well.

A smaller number felt that it was not important who had "won" but the fact that the debate was held at all was a positive sign.

Shabery might have fared better had he pressed home the point about what happens when the oil finally runs out.

Anwar had suggested that future discoveries could further extend the day of reckoning. But many believe that new oil fields will become more expensive and more difficult to locate and that could drive up prices in the long run. The debate also failed to touch on the importance of conservation and the need to conduct more research on renewable energy such as solar power.

One comment left on a blog suggested that while Anwar's plan for a 50-sen cut may be feasible, "Pakatan Rakyat has to list down their concrete alternative policy on oil, alternative sustainable and environmentally friendly policies as soon as possible."

--Malay Mail


Anonymous said...

Anwar is the clear winner.And of course his arguments are all the way convincing towards reducing oil price in our country. The main objective is to stabilised our inflation rate urgently due right now, there are so many things happen that was cause by this idiotic people in the Government Dept especially the Ministers who doesnt care anything for the people in Malaysia.What will happen or what has happened they dont care to think about it anymore.The lack of knowledge of the economic factor only to think how to be rich in their families and cronies is their main focus with power in their hands.Anwar is the real proffesional in this debate.

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