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Jul 16, 2008

Anwar cut short interview with ACA to meet police at 2pm

sun2surf - ......Speaking to reporters after the interview with ACA officers led by Rosli Hussein, Anwar said: "I have started to cooperate with ACA to give them the statements they need about the forgery, fabrication and suppression of facts. I am satisfied with the way they recorded the facts and with the line of questioning."

He said the investigations are, however, not over yet as many other statements are needed.

"But I had to ask to be excused because there is an arrest warrant out for me and I have been summoned to IPK KL at 2pm and I don’t want to be late," he added.

"I have apologised to the ACA officers and requested that the meeting be postponed to another day. I’m willing to come back as soon as possible to continue."

Asked what would happen if he was arrested at IPK KL, he said: "Then I have suggested that they conduct the interview in the lock-up."

Speaking on the current sodomy accusation against him by former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan, Anwar said: "There is no basis to this whole fabrication and malicious attacks. As you know, there’s already a trial in the mainstream media attacking me without any chance for me to defend myself. This is just a repeat of 1998."... selanjutnya.


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