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Jan 28, 2008

Jangan tanya soalan banyak sangat


My dear friend was arrested on Saturday during the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes) rally in Kuala Lumpur on the grounds of him "asking to many questions..".

Hello? Earth to policeman, he is a JOURNALIST. It is his JOB to ask questions and is your DUTY to answer as truthfully and trasparent as possible. DUHH

As for now, it has been 44 hours since he and the others were brought to Pudu Jail for 'questioning and further action". Blahh, whatever thats suppose to mean lah. Furthermore, the police refuses to accept the fact that he was merely there to cover the story - a person who is doing his job. Their argument is that since this friend of mine did not have his Press Tag with him, he is therefore assumed to be one of the protestors. Not even after he showed his namecard, depicting him as a journalist, as well as his ID card for further verification.

It just pisses me the sheer stupidity of these police and the very fact that they can get away with it everytime. It just shows that the very act of questioning makes you of a 'troublemaker'. That you should NOT, NEVER doubt what the so-called powers-that-be is doing for YOU. That you should accept things as it is and come to terms with it because you are not human. You are a mind-numbing machine with no rights or wants. Yes you are!

The conclusion?

If you live in this country, Jangan tanya soalan banyak sangat.


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