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Jan 28, 2008

Lingam inquiry: Aliran is shocked and devastated


The decision of the Royal Commission of Inquiry not to call Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim comes as a great shock. We are devastated by this absurd decision by a body that has been entrusted to seek the truth and defend justice. It is absolutely clear that this commission is not capable of seeking the truth or defending justice.

It is not only Anwar but all the others associated with him – R Sivarasa, Sim Tze Tsin and two other secret witness - were excluded from coming forward to give evidence and shed light on areas that were unclear and cloudy.

Some witnesses professing not to remember or claiming that they were unable to recall certain incidents and facts made it extremely difficult for the Commission to arrive at any conclusive finding. And when Anwar volunteered to “fill in the gaps” with the evidence he had in his hands, any Commission committed to finding the truth would have jumped at his offer.

But it was not to be so. Why? Were certain Commissioners who were part of the judiciary trying to protect certain individuals from being named for their own interest and the interest of their friends? more...


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