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Jan 28, 2008

Malaysian Indians have spoken, time to act


They have spoken once to often and its time to act, it is time to for Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, who in an interview with CNN in Davos said that after the HINDRAF rally on 25th November 2007, said the government was "discussing" with to Indian NGOs has not however taken any concrete steps to resolve outstanding issues of poverty, low wages and of educational and business opportunities that Indians face.

In December he had a meeting with Indian NGO’s including Samy (who was taking down notes) and Nadarajah the Head of Batu Caves temple. I issued a statement asking the matters discussed to be made public and what follow up action the government has? To date there has been no response. But the minimum the PM should have done is to speed out some concrete plans to alleviate the economic and social problems facing the Indian community. None has been forth coming and frankly nothing will.

The PM has said many times that he is ever willing to hear the grouses of the communities. The PM is talking but not implementing any thing fruit full.

Why CSMU medical degree is still unrecognized?

It was also reported that he met the Ukraine President and discussed sending Malaysian students to Ukraine Universities. Isn’t the PM aware that the Crima State Medical University (CSMU) has over 1,200 students studying medicine? CSMU medical degree has been derecognized for all intakes as from January2006. We brought up the issue on 21st June 2006 and what we got from Nazri was that the government has decided to derecognized the medical degree. CSMU is favorite for the low income parents to send their children to study at Crimea . more...


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