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Mar 5, 2008

Barisan Nasional is Out Of Ideas. They Are Rigging The Game.


In order to maintain the 2/3 domination in the Parliament, Barisan Nasional will do all it takes to ensure the winning of the necessary 149 parliamentary seats. They had a head start of 10 parliamentary seats in their belt following withdrawals by their opponents particularly in Sarawak. Some of the measures undertaken are considered very dirty and it is a clear attempt to rig the game to their favor.

According to Transparency International, in the first three days after nomination day on February 24, the National Front, with so called infinite financial resources at their disposal, spent $1 million in banners, ads and etc.., including hiring people to place those banners at every part of Malaysia. The printing company, in one of the street banners was traced to a printing firm in Cheras. more...


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