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Mar 5, 2008

Celcom Votes BN


Ryan Giggs and John Terry will be voting in the coming general election.

The article captioned: "Our vote is for you" and the text below the picture says:

"It seems like even EPL stars like John Terry of Chelsea and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United have made their preference on which party they are vouching for in the 12th general election. This Celcom billboard located at the overheard bridge near the Ampang LRT station has Barisan Nasional flags strategically planted above the heards of Terry, Giggs and five other models."
– by Abdul Rahman Senin, The Star.

Is this picture telling us Malaysians that the British footballers will be allowed to vote for Barisan Nasional? Or is it telling us that the British footballers are showing their support for Barisan Nasional?

Why are the British intruding into our sovereignty?

Or is it Celcom's contribution to Barisan Nasional? More..


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