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Mar 5, 2008

No Raja Petra, No Haris Ibrahim! Sigh!!!


Man, was I excited when I received sms and emails telling me that Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia-Today will be speaking at the DAP ceramah in Pulau Tikus, Penang. Grabbed my camera and head for Pulau Tikus. I make sure I get there early to get a good spot. First the candidate for Sungai Pinang speaks, then halway through Jeff Ooi came and they allowed him to speak first as he will have to go to other ceremahs to speak. Jeff touched on the subjects of postal votes, phantom votes, and people whose polling station has be moved to other state. Oh yes and also touched on the cancellation of the indelible ink by the Election Commission. (Read the news here) There is a big question mark to it. No direct reason given except, “citing public order and security issues.” What public order and security issues? After spending RM2.4million for 42,000 bottles of the ink from India and 4 days before polling they decided to cancel it. Is there another reason behind it? Why wait until now to cancel it? What happened to “the effort to enhance transparency?” The chinese would say ” Chot Chai Ee Lang Choo, Chot Chai Ee Lang Char” meaning its up to them to cook up anything they want!

Anyway, back to the ceremah. After Jeff spoke, the MC took over and make an announcement in Mandarin, which I don’t understand. But I understand one word “Raja Petra.” So I asked someone there what did he say. The person told me that the MC said Raja Petra won’t be speaking here tonight. I didn’t know the reason until I came back I read in MT that the police has cancelled Raj Petra and Haris Ibrahim talk on the Island. (here>>) What a let down! I mean there must be bloggers from Penang yearning to heard him and Haris Ibrahim talk. I guess like MT said, “the BN have upped their ante.” Anyway, no worries. There is big one coming up here in Penang. It will be a wrap-up for their Penang Campaign. It will be held at the Han Chiang Indoor Stadium again at 8pm on the 6th of March - this Thursday! (Request from Jeff Ooi - to wear RED tops - shirt, T-shirts, sport shirts, whatever lah, as long as it’s red. Going to bring the RED tidal waves to the island)

We were also told that down the road about 100 meters away the BN has organised a celebartion for Women’s Day. Women’s Day is on the 8th of March and why celebrate today and at the same area. Actually it’s on the same road.

I left the ceramah early, so I took a drive passed the Women’s Day Concert, and there were hardly anybody. I estimated maybe around 100 -150 people watching the concert but at the DAP ceramah there were atleast 2 to 3 thousands or maybe more. People came to hear the truth rather then being entertained by a 4th or 5th or 6th rated chinese Ko Tai singers. Truth will draw people. Entertainment is just entertainment. People are entertained for a moment and soon they will forget. But truth will remain. And the truth shall set you free!

Jeff Ooi

Jeff Ooi speaking at the ceramah in Pulau Tikus


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