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Apr 30, 2008

Jeff Ooi's car towed away in Parliament

http://media1.malaysiakini.com/3/0abdd3a831d18b9732ccbc421d68e3bc.jpgSun2surf - KUALA LUMPUR (April 29, 2008): Jeff Ooi (DAP-Jelutong) has a bone to pick with the Home Ministry and the Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

Ooi had arrived in his wife’s seven-year-old Proton Wira in Parliament at 9.35am with a green sticker for him to park at Section E.

"When I arrived, I asked the police where this section was and they told me they did not know.

"I found a spot but I was told that I could not park there, probably because I was only driving a Wira and the spot could be occupied by a Mercedes-Benz or any bigger car," he said in press conference in the Dewan Rakyat lobby today.

Ooi was instructed to park just outside the police post at the entrance and exit of the Parliament.

"However, after the proceedings, my car was missing and it was towed away. After some query at the post, the police made some calls and found that my car was towed by the Kuala Lumpur traffic police and not City Hall.

"This is a blatant dereliction of duty and double standards on the part of the Home Ministry and the IGP. It is an obstruction of the duty of MPs who have a respectable duty to listen to the Royal Address and debate on it when sitting convenes."


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