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May 12, 2008

Boot out those National Service boot camps!

Imagemalaysiatoday - [...] My deepest condolences goes to the family of Hui Min. I feel for her loss and the lost of twenty other children in this camp called National Service. We need answers for this.

Previously I argued that the Biro Tata Negara training programs are working against national unity and breeding a dangerous form of ethnocentrism. Both, this program and the ill-conceived National Service camps are based on the philosophy of anti-humanism and one that does not value the multiculturalism of this country. They may not be teaching Malaysians to live as good citizens in a Malaysian Malaysia.

As in the case of the National Service, the public has not heard of an evaluation report on the effectiveness of the first session. We need a national report such as one produced in a developed nation. With the many deaths that has been reported, we need to stop the program immediately.

We are infusing militarism in education. Our youth wants to know what will become of them in a society governed by those who think that education is the process of shoving into their minds a certain form of nationalism. Our youth wants explanations why military leaders are running their lives in those camps of indoctrination. The parents of these children need to know that what the government is doing is actually wrong - anathema to the meaning of education. Most of all they want to also know why there are so many deaths in those camps.

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