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May 12, 2008

UiTM wants to offer course in blog writing

NST - “Currently, we do have blogging studies in our curriculum and this will be enhanced further by introducing a course on blog writing.

“I feel that the Communication and Media Studies Faculty is ready to conduct the course and I fully support this move (to introduce blog writing course) as it is time for us to help produce bloggers who are not only professionals, but with ethics,” he told a media conference after opening a seminar on Media and the 2008 General Election, here today.

Ibrahim said although academic qualifications were not an asset for those wanting to become blog writers, there were certain ethics which they should adhere to in expressing their views to avoid them from writing on matters which were negative and seditious.
“Everybody can be a blogger but we cannot simply write as we like because there are certain rules to be observed, like whether the words used are ethical and the subject matter is true or otherwise” he added.
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