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May 12, 2008

Chinese woman claims she lost RM6m

Sun2surf - [...] The wealthy 50-year-old owner of a travel agency, who has Singapore permanent resident status, lodged a report in the Ampang district police headquarters last Thursday (May 8), claiming she lost the money in several handouts she made to her Dutch boyfriend in Amsterdam and a friend of African descent here.

Ampang police chief ACP Abdul Jalil Hassan said today according to the woman's report, she lost almost all the cash to her Dutch boyfriend when she met him in China, and later in Amsterdam and Singapore over the past several months.

He said that when the woman could not locate the Dutchman, she went looking for him in several countries and when she returned to Singapore, a man of African descent she was acquainted with there told her that he had seen her boyfriend in Malaysia.

Trusting the man, she came to Malaysia and put up in a hotel in Ampang in search of her boyfriend.

Police said she claimed the man also offered to help her make money by coaxing her into contributing to a scam, typically infamous among Nigerians where the victim is asked to pay large sums of cash to withdraw supposedly stagnant and unclaimed funds amounting to tens of million dollars kept in the World Bank...selanjutnya [KLIK DI SINI]


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