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May 12, 2008

Cops accused of killing Altantuya lodge police reports against blogger Raja Petra

sun2surf - [...] He also claimed that the prison authorities said they would not be able to guarantee his safety.

"We have taken down statements from both the accused saying that the incident never happened," said Hazman.

Both of them never met Raja Petra while he was in remand and did not know where he was placed during this time, he said.

The accusations are prejudicial and contentious to both Sirul and Azilah and should not be uttered without any facts, he added.

"Sirul totally denies the accusations and we have told him to lodge a police report on the incident which never happened," said Sirul’s counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin.

Reading out a paragraph of a posting by Raja Petra on Malaysia Today titled "Thank you so much and sorry for letting you down", Kamarul said there was absolutely no basis for the writer to make speculations as mentioned in the paragraph.

The paragraph reads: "When I arrived in Sungai Buloh Prison, something happened that put the entire prison on full alert. Sirul and Azilah, who were in the same block as me, Blok Damai, shouted for me to watch my back and that they will get me. I was quickly whisked out of the block. It seems they were angry that the Altantuya murder trial, which had disappeared from the radar screens, has now, again, been given the spotlight. Why should that upset them? Why the need for the Altantuya murder trial to disappear from the radar screens?"

"There is absolutely no basis for him to speculate that the duo were angry based on the fact that the trial was in the spotlight again," Kamarul said.

"To suggest or imply that the two accused are fearful of publicity on the case which has been there since day one is highly prejudicial and attempts to paint a bad picture of our clients' character and conduct," he said. ...selanjutnya [KLIK DI SINI]


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