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May 11, 2008


pemudarasa - [...] Pertamanya kita mesti mengenali Karpal ini. Beliau adalah seorang yang hobinya adalah membangkang. Tidak kisahlah apa yang hendak dibangkangnya, dia akan bangkang. Mungkin kerana sikapnya yang suka membangkang, maka perkara yang remeh pun akan dibangkangnya.

Kes yang terbaru lagi sensasi apa yang dibangkangnya ialah kes Raja Muda Perak Nazri bersama menteri besar Perak Ir. Nizar berkenaan dengan pemindahan Ketua Pengarah JAIP. Apa yang tidak dipuas hatikan oleh Karpal adalah pada beliau Sultan tidak berhak mencampuri urusan pemindahan kakitangan kerajaan kerana pada pandangannya, skop ketua kepada urusan agama Islam oleh Sultan tidak termasuk berkenaan dengan perihal urusan pentadbiran kakitangan awam kerajaan negeri. Itu sahaja. Beliau tidak mengutuk atau menghina Sultan. Itu adalah pandangan beliau terhadap undang-undang dan perlembagaan negeri berkenaan kuasa-kuasa Sultan. Perkara undang-undang lah katakan, diakan peguam.
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Anonymous said...

Dear No2Umno,

You are doing a great job by collecting various articles from different blogs for readers. Keep it up. Now coming back to karpal's Issue:

The writer may be right. I agree Karpal may not be a good politician after all. In our Malaysian dictionary politic means you must twist and turn to please others and whenever can must not say things even if it is true because it will be seditious.
But I think he is quite a straight forward person who speaks the truth no matter how painful it is, maybe this is how he became a reputable lawyer. All of know he did not defend a DAP man; he defended Nizar the MB of Perak who comes from PAS. He could have kept quite as one may perceive he dislikes PAS. But most of them proven wrong as Karpal came out to defend Nizar, not because of politic but because he thinks legally it was wrong for the Sultan to interfere. (This is an example of Karpal, he defends anyone or everyone even if his action seemed to be disrespectful for which in this case he has clarified his stance is one legal point only). And I believe the Sultan of Perak wouldn’t consider this as disrespect looking at his background.
That should speak a little about Karpal, correct? But we all know UMNO is deliberately politicizing Karpal's issue for personal gain; they want to kill him politically and they exploit royal disrespect as the issue and we all falling for that.
I would like to suggest to PAS to also proceed with Polis Report against Pak Lah, and UMNO leaders for uttering seditious remark against Agung, the sultan of Terengganu and Raja Perlis who became so unhappy that he didn't even read the text prepared but sat with the assemblymen to tell them his piece of mind face to face.
When it involves humanity, natural principle can we Malaysians come together in unity to support anyone be it, Karpal, Raja Petra or even Pak Lah. Let us be more humane.

Anonymous said...

c'mon man.. cut the crap!

Karpal is just politicising the issue.
its not about him defending Nizar or about the Sultan's [ex-CJ] comprehension of the Law.

its about the permutation of Karpal's twists and turns with regards to interpretations of the law...an expertise he has nurtured and fine-tuned throughout his so-called Legal carrier defending drug pushers, criminals and the rest of the scums. I hope when he dies, he joins them in HeLL - together with the Mongolian prostitute and RPK.

Clearly, any fool can see that Karpal is taking on the Sultan by telling His Majesty that DAP is now the New Emperor of Perak !!!

In the meantime, some apologetic gullible Malays think they are following a divine sign by jumping on the Pakatan Setan bandwagon ...

BTW, where fools go and end up, what does it matter?


Anonymous said...

Legal 'carrier'..?...sheeeshh...

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