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May 11, 2008

Vernon's entertaining blog

Mr Manager
MStar - [...] “After all, you will not see pictures like Siti (Nurhaliza) in her dressing room or Ning with curlers in her hair in any mainstream magazine,” he said cheekily in an interview recently.

In fact, his blog, mrmanager.blogspot.com,, has become so popular that his artiste friends sometimes whisper to him during functions whether their photographs are going to be posted.

Besides tongue-in-cheek comments, the 40-year old Vernon also posts photographs and video clips including closed-door events. And of course, food is featured prominently as he “lives to eat”.

“I had no idea Siti (Nurhaliza) read my blog until during an event one day when I wanted to take a picture of her with Ning. Then, she leaned over and asked me when I was going to upload it,” he said.
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