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Mar 26, 2008


Others, not you, decide what you are

Raja Petra Kamarudin

(...) The court's decision, however, is not based on what I am worth. It is based on what Nordin Kardi and UUM are worth, or rather what their reputations are worth. I was alleged to have smeared Nordin's reputation as well as that of all Malaysian universities plus the intellectuals who are heading them. In a way, Nordin filed a sort of 'class action suit' against me to defend not only his reputation, and not only UUM's reputation, but that of all Malaysian universities and all Malaysian intellectuals who are heading these universities. And the court has valued these combined reputations as a mere RM4 million.

The court has spoken and the court said that all these people's reputations are worth a mere RM4 million. I rest my case.

Actually, Nordin did not win his case. It was the other way around. I 'threw' the case. When his lawyer sent me a Letter of Demand I did not respond to it. I threw it into the dustbin. Then they served me the Writ of Summons and, again, I did not respond to it but threw it into the dustbin. Then I was ordered to defend myself in court and, yet again, I ignored the order and threw it into the dustbin. I, of course, also did not make an appearance in court so they obtained judgement in default. Soon they will serve the Judgement on me and rest assured I will do what I do best, I will throw it into the dustbin. Then they will of course file for bankruptcy against me and I will, in time, receive the Bankruptcy Notice and guess what, yes, I will throw that into the dustbin as well. That is the 'value' I place on all their Letters of Demand, Writs of Summons, and whatever else they have chosen to serve on me and will continue to do so as we play this little charade of justice in Malaysia. more...on


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