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May 14, 2008

Gua tak kenal dia .... Gua pun

I never met or knew Altantuya, Najib tells Parliament

Mstar - [...] "I know that some of the Dewan Rakyat members are concerned about the court case of the murder of the Mongolian woman, and I also know that there are some members who deliberately tried to link my name to the case,"

"Let the court play its role and carry out its responsibility to uphold justice in this country without any party interfering," he said

The Deputy Prime Minister, who is also Defence Minister said the Government had never paid anyone commission for the procurement of two Scorpene submarines and 18 Sukhoi fighter jets.

He said both projects involved only direct negotiations between Malaysian firms and the countries that sold the submarines and the fighter planes.

"On the allegation made by Yang Berhormat Permatang Pauh (Opposition Leader Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) that Syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd had received a commission of 114.96mil Euros in the procurement of Scorpene submarines, the ministry wants to stress that the Government has not and had never paid any commission directly or indirectly to the company....selanjutnya [KLIK DI SINI]


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