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May 14, 2008

Missing/Lost/Destroyed Documents at the Courts

malaysiatoday - [...] The High Court of Malaya of which His Lordship The Chief Justice of Malaysia , is Head of is the Trustee & Custodian of all matters filed into the High Court. This simply means that The High Court must look after & maintain all Court Files containing papers filed in by us “ The Rakyaat “ who come to Court to seek redress.

The High Court of Malaya has lost my file, my documents {all of which I paid precious,hard earned monies for} and now you direct me to another body.

It is not the High Court of Malaya's bounden {legal,fiduiciary & moral} duty to itself contact all relevant parties & reconstruct the file, at its own cost?

Do you know what difficulties one faces with your courts , how many times back & forth one has to travel to retrieve one file OR do you{The High Court} really cares?

I have just completed "reconstructing" Three {3} Court Files that The High Court of Malaya lost {dihapuskan, dimakan olih inai inai,tidak bolih di kesan}. We have been attending at Jalan Duta, 15 times per matter{total 45 times}, because we are always asked to come on separate dates & times.We have spent a total of RM10,000/- on traveling,parking,photocopies, commissioner of oaths, binding, printing, dispatch, court fees “ on account of The High Court's sheer negligence & tidak apa attitude.

Puan XXX! Do you ever understand the sheer indignity of having to attend to your clerks, your Registrars, your Deputy Registrars, your Senior Assistant Regitrars,who are either never at their stations,busy, at meetings or who basically will not see us?...selanjutnya [KLIK DI SINI]


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