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May 14, 2008


azizhassan - I MUST declare that I'm not a card-carrying member and have never been a member of any political party. I wish there is another system, a better one, that can do without politics because often times I find politics and politicians suffocating. But having said that, I grudgingly accept that politics is a necessary evil and because of that I am left with no choice but to keep myself up-to-date with everything political.

It is generally agreed that after so many years many Malays suddenly felt that that Umno was becoming too big for its shoes and decided to show many of its politicians and their allies in MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others the door in March. Which then led to political commentators to say that Umno needs to reinvent if it wants to stay relevant.

I think what Umno needs is not so much a massive overhaul but some fine-tuning. A lot of my thoughts were outlined in an earlier posting titled "Is there a shift?"

Over the weekend party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi spoke on the need for Umno to act to regain the people's support, that action must be taken so that people who supported the party will continue to place their trust in Umno's struggle and those who abandoned it will return to the fold....selanjutnya [KLIK DI SINI]


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