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Apr 8, 2008

Umno has no evidence to nail saboteurs

Umno deputy president Najib Abdul Razak today said that the party had no definite proof as to the identity of its members who had sabotaged the party during the recent general election.

He however said that the party had an idea on the individuals who were allegedly involved in sabotaging activity.

najib arms procurement defense 290307 najib"We have heard stories from party members and the defeated candidates but these are not sufficient for us to initiate disciplinary proceedings on any party member because there must be written reports (to the disciplinary committee)," he said today.

Najib, also the deputy prime minister, then urged members with information on these saboteurs to lodge a formal complaint with the disciplinary committee so that investigation can be carried out and disciplinary action taken against those involved.

He added that so far the committee had not received any written complaints from anyone on the matter.

He also said if these saboteurs were proven guilty, they could face stern action including permanent expulsion from the party. Najib added that whatever action that would be taken would be based on concrete evidence and not based on unfounded allegations.

He also admitted that such acts of sabotage occurred every time there was an election, citing members’ unhappiness over the choice of candidates and the political situation in certain areas as reasons for members to rebel. more...


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